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The Japanese Popstars are riding a wave of great live gigs, major festival bookings, and media praise off the back of their recent single, EP1. In their debut album, We Just Are, they have a collection of 12 tracks that will really take them places!

Native to Northern Ireland (any fetishists expecting cute Japanese girls can leave now), and consisting of Declan McLaughlin, Gary Curran, and Gareth Donoghue, The Japanese Popstars are signed to bespoke indie label, Gung-Ho Recordings (Gus Gus, Zoo Brazil) in the UK, and Beatink in Japan (home of Underworld, Aphex Twin, Cinematic Orchestra).

The Japanese Popstars’ only parallel with rock music is that they’d built up a sizeable live following before releasing their first major single – some might even say cultish, judging by the amount of clips on Youtube. Their gigs are typically raucous affairs, with an energy that crackles with each beat, chord, and keyboard stab!

However, let’s get one thing straight about the music – The Japanese Popstars aren’t indie rave, or any other sub-sub-sub genre, theirs is big room, cool as fuck electronic music built for festivals and stadiums. They’re not dance kids aping indie kids, nor are they indie kids dropping synths and calling themselves ‘ravers’.

We Just are is a glorious debut. Tracks including ‘Delboys Revenge’, ‘Sample Whore’, ‘Face Melter’, and new single ‘Rise of Ulysses’, give some basis to reviews citing them as “the British Justic/Digitalism”, but listening to the likes of ‘B.C.T.T’, ‘Dr Frenchy Bernard’, ‘Anthepic: We Have Taken Over’, and ‘The Smile’, the realisation dawns that this trio are heading for the territory once held by Orbital, Chemical Brothers, and Underworld. The Japanese Popstars – back to the future dance music for today, tomorrow, and forever, and it’s coming to a field near your very soon!

(Fuente: IBeats UK)


01- We Just Are (Intro)
02- Sample Whore
03- Face Melter
04- Delboys Revenge
05- B.C.T.T.
06- Dr Frenchy Bernard
07- Anthepic (We Have Taken Over)
08- The Smile
09- Rise Of Ulysses
10- Total Distorted Mayhem
11- F19b (Droppin' Bombs)
12- We Just Are (Finalizer)

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